Mike Summerhays' Music 


Hey Music Lovers!

For years I've played piano, organ & keyboard by sight and ear. When I discovered MIDI, I began composing on my PC & using MIDI to play a keyboard and later (when I could afford one) a synthesizer. 

This website is devoted to MP3 recordings of some of this music over the years using both the keyboard and synthesizer. 

Earlier music, recorded using the keyboard, is flagged with "K". Similarly, later music, recorded using the synthesizer, with "S". In general, the "S" music has superior instrumental tone quality.

Just click on the links below which will lead you to the MP3 links. I hope you enjoy!

Blog Page

1) Piano Sonatas & Sonatinas:
2) Piano Concertos
3) Symphonies & Strings
4) Contemporary
5) Jazz
6) Rock 
7) Vocals
Note: All music is copyrighted and for personal 
listening only. Permission must be obtained from 
myself for any other use at: mksummerhays@aol.com


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